ismael faro
BiographyToday I'm living in Vigo (Spain), I was born in the 75s. I spent a lot of time learn computer world (love 0s and 1s). Each new day, I can see that this virtual world is biggest, and you can find a lot of people with similar ideas.I love help to people using the technology. Internet changed our perception about our society, our enviroment. But in this our real world there are people that don't have access to Internet still, I think that all techical people can be help to change this situation and changes our world, help to people to understand and love the technology. I had the oportunity to work in a lot of projects to share the knowledge, and I think that is te best option to create a new future.
Personal Info (+34) 675 547 596  Vigo, Spain  [email protected] @ismaelfaro
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